National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) 2016 Award Winners

National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) 2016 Award Winners

Each year, the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) hosts an awards program at their annual convention. Since 1990, they have honored and recognized the creativity, design, and craftsmanship of the wood flooring industry. Over the years they have awarded more than 200 honors to the crafters and designers leading the industry.

In April 2016, the 2016 winners were announced giving out eight awards to the 51 entries of projects completed between January 2015 to January 2016. The award winners were originally reported on and in the June/July 2016 issue of Hardwood Floors magazine and featured the images used below.

Member’s Choice/Best Residential
Awarded to:
Archetypal Imaging Corp.

Archetypal Imaging created a mosaic floor of a crocodile in a residence in Springfield, MO. Using 20,000 end-grain blocks, the width and height diverge, developing the three-dimensional look, while maintaining a smooth surface. The details of the crocodile’s eyes, nails, and parts of its body are from the ebony of the black keys off an antique piano.


Best Restoration
Awarded to:
Yantarnaya Prya-Parquet

Yantarnaya Prya-Parquet were commissioned to restore a floor in the Winter Palace in Russia, originally built for Catherine the Great. Through the years, the floor was fixed with the different types of wood found on hand. The museum worked to have this restoration done to bring this beautiful floor back to its original look, using the woods: jatoba, wenge, maple, teak, and oak.


Best CNC/Laser Cut
Awarded to:
Yantarnaya Prya-Parquet

A hall in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, used for a variety of events was inspired by the look and feel of the many area mosques. It took 13 people and 17 large machines to create the look of intricate detailing.


Best Reclaimed
Awarded to:
Archetypal Imaging Corp.

An African-themed home in Springfield, MO, features this flooring with unique texturing. Created using 500,000 end-grain blocks with differing sizes of one-eighth inch square to one-inch square provides rich texturing to the flooring.


Best Extreme Makeover
Awarded to:
Czar Floors

In a private residence sunroom, Czar Floors created hand-cut koi inlays into the original hardwood flooring. The room overlooks an outdoor koi pond. The colors of the koi inlays were created using different types of wood: maple, wenge, white oak, bloodwood, and walnut.


Best Manufacturer Factory Finished
Awarded to:
SVB Wood Floors

Owner Steve Brattin wanted to create a floor combining artistry and old world design. 3000 feet of flooring was the completed project. The laborious process included the work of Dan Antes (Distinctive Hardwood Floors) and using Wisconsin-based WD Flooring for prefinishing with hardwax oil. The result is a lovely parquet walnut wood floor that is both hand-beveled and wire-brushed.

Part of the 3000 feet featured in a residential entrance hall

Best Limited Species
Awarded to:
Artistic Floors by Design Inc.

Owner Joe Rocco could also win the award for the most “awwww” inducing floor. Rocco built this floor for his wife (and co-owner of Artistic Floors by Design), as a Mother’s Day gift. The flooring is made of white oak, and the distinct colors were crafted using white and grey penetrating oils and done in a type of chevron pattern.


Best Commercial
Awarded to:
Natural Wood Floors and Design

When you need a crane to get your boards on your job site, you know you are working with something unique – and large! The dimensions of the boards on this award-winning floor vary, including: 15 inches wide, one-inch thick, and 12-20 feet long.






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