The most beautiful carpet in the world..

The Netherlands is known for artists, bikes, windmills (both old and new), waffles and flowers ? yes flowers. What this blog is about!

There is no better way to celebrate the beauty of flowers than to create something extraordinary ? and in Brussels, neighbours to The Netherlands, this is exactly what they did. Every two years since 1971, landscapers come together to plant millions of begonias to form a massive floral carpet ? yes a carpet.

The first floral carpet was designed by a landscape architect in 1971 who had often experimented with creating mats and carpets made of flowers, but decided to expand his creativity to the centre of cities across Europe. The carpets have wonderful, intricate designs and can get up to 300 square meters in size! The carpets can take up to a week to create.

It?s so fantastic to see something so beautiful and creative happening on such a large scale! It would be so neat to see something like this happening in Canada.

Perhaps this will inspire some spring-time gardeners!