Amazing Wall Coverings

Here on the Nufloors blog we focus a lot on floors, no surprise there. But we never forget that the flooring has to fit in with the overall design of a room, so once in a while we like to shift our gaze up a little bit higher to the other important parts of a room – the walls – and we come across some pretty amazing designs! Now we’re not suggesting you go out and replicate these wall coverings outright, but maybe they’ll inspire you to think a little outside the box.


1. Drawing On The Walls

“Quit drawing on the walls!”, your mother probably screeched at you at some time during your childhood. Charlie Kratzer, of Lexington, Kentucky, obviously wasn’t listening. The professional lawyer and amateur artist covered the walls of his basement using only black Sharpie markers and the result is pretty amazing. Historical figures, movie stars, and other celebrities are seen populating his drawings. Here are a few photos, but check out the link below for a 360-degree panorama view of his basement.

























2. Bouncing Off The Walls

Interior design firm Snarkitecture created this unique wall covering using 25,000 ping-pong balls in a 90-square foot apartment in Brooklyn, NY. The subtle variance in colour and unusual texture gives an extra sense of space to the tiny apartment.



















3. It’s All An Illusion

German design group Surrealien creates some mind-bending wallpaper designs unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Obviously they’re not for every room in your house but these could add a lot of fun to a living room or bathroom wall.


















4. This Wallpaper Can Really Brighten Up a Room!

Lomox produces wallpaper using state-of-the-art Organic LED technology, creating wall coverings that double as room lighting systems. Requiring very low voltage to operate OLED wallpaper can even run on solar panels or a small battery system.

















Found some other amazing wall coverings? Send us a link. We’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget – whatever you come up, we can find a floor that will complement it beautifully!